Personal Courage and Growth is a Choice………..

How many times do we allow negative self talk to be in control when life is so full of empowerment choices? When we are hard on ourselves it is an especially important time to break the pattern because we can. We get to give ourselves permission to learn, recycle and reinvent!

Courage takes guts and is about doing whatever it takes to find a place of peace and serenity. Its about facing the things in life that are hard and walking through them no matter what challenges present themselves. It takes an awful lot of humility to face our flaws, but acknowledgement is the first step to healing.

Years ago I was at a personal growth seminar by a local author by the name of Earnie Larson. I was saddened to hear of his passing in January of 2011. He changed the lives of many people and the quote from him I will always carry with me. “What we learn, we practice. What we practice, we become. What we become has consequences.” That statement was about change and teaching ourselves new behaviors.

When we hear the saying that people don’t change it drives me crazy because guess what?

Change —- Is —- Constant.    

It is the way people try not to transform and grow that is crazy. How easily we forget that fear can be healthy if it motivates us to do something differently. It is how we experience adjustments in our lives and what we do with that information that matters. Personal courage and growth is a choice, so what are you waiting for?

Greatness requires simplicity. Get out there and make it happen because you can.

What does having courage mean to you?


Discouragement Turned Inside Out is Determination

Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain…Healing takes courage, we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” — Tori Amos

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about adversity, choices and change in personal and professional environments. It is sad that sometimes people might jump to conclusions about us or others for reasons we don’t understand. I’ve seen it happen, someone intentionally or unintentionally says hurtful things, for different reasons. Maybe they are nervous, oblivious, angry or their delivery/intent  just plain sucks. It could be there was not time to take a step back and ask about all sides of the situation, they didn’t know the whole story or perhaps  just didn’t care because they were really busy.

Don’t judge the truth you know and feel based on how other people are responding to it because they may be looking with a limited vision” –Iyanla Vanzant

Today I am here to remind you to not allow one person’s opinion or words sway you and throw you off kilter. Be true to yourself and always strive to be more. Forgive those who take their anger out on you and say unkind things, especially when you know its not true to who they are or want to be. Being emotionally intelligent in all areas of our lives is a process and in one way or another, we are always working to be more or better. Be kind to yourself.

Let’s face it, life doesn’t come in a neatly packaged box with a red bow tied around it. When the moments of uncertainty pop up it’s up to us to figure out and ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. How am I going to handle the “stuff” I’m not letting go of?
  2. What am I willing to let go of right now?
  3. What am I going to keep?
  4. What am I supposed to be learning in all of this?

It is okay to not know the answers to all of these questions, it is possible some will need to occur organically.

And so the answers don’t always come when we want them to and it is okay to not know. It is possible some answers will need to occur organically. But they do come, so hang in there because you will figure out how to re-invent yourself. Trust the process. You’ve got this and you have all of the tools you need to find the way.