People as Transition | Bridging Communities One Year Later #BlackLivesMatter Post #2 of 4

People, called to action because they saw no other option. It was the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Who said; “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

So what can you do? We have a call to action that can not be ignored. How do we step up and encourage others to do the same? We must,  because in the end, where there is no justice, its ‘just us,” people coming together in a grass roots effort for a greater good, one person at a time.

Imagine all the possibilities if each of us did a few things to get involved. What can you do to play your part?

Call government representatives, volunteer for worthy organizations that promote peace in our communities, let people know you are available to answer questions they may have or view points they don’t understand, seek to discover perspective of those who may not, and more importantly, become a vehicle to provide a new paradigm for them. It could be a simple phrase, and even if it is simply one seed that plants a new thought process, then that counts for something.

No matter how big or small, these are the things we can do to collectively make a difference. That his how we bridge communities. It’s all about fellowship and remembering that we can’t do it alone. Let us forge ahead with these thoughts and  continue to lift the family of #PhilandoCastile and others like his, like ours, up in prayer.

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