URGENT: ACT NOW to Save the Internet

Speak Up to Save the internet

The internet as we know it is currently neutral ground, hence the term “Net Neutrality.” That means everyone has open access – no discrimination.

As I write this post, large Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) want the ability to slow down (and break) the internet by creating slow lanes for the sake of profit.

Can you imagine a world where we would be charged for faster service?  Open internet access for everyone is at the core of what has sparked innovation across the globe which have resulted in stronger, better economics.

The FCC deadline is 4 days. PLEASE ACT NOW – click here to call Congress and tell them to protect internet freedom.

In addition, please click here to send a letter to law makers. Please share these links with your friends, tell them to get on board. Thanks for your support. Together, we can make a difference one person at a time.



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