Innovation: The Truth About Creativity

Creativity Pre Orchestra LectureIs Creativity an important component of innovation? Find out here.

I’ve been taking part two of a course based on a book called; The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. Brown has spent the past 10-15 years researching topics like courage, vulnerability, and authenticity. One of our first assignments was to think about the gifts that come to us as the result of our own creativity.

The book presents fascinating findings about creativity. Brown refers to vulnerability as the birthplace of innovation. She also makes the point that there is no such thing as people who are not creative. Instead, there are resourceful people who know how to tap into their ingenuity, while others don’t.

Someone recently shared with me that they were advised NOT to use the word “creativity” on a resume. The reasoning was some leaders may translate it as a negative connotation. But how can that be if we are in the midst of a global innovation crisis? Shouldn’t the trait and term “creativity” be part of our ongoing discussion at work, in government, academia and our local coffee shops? There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about creativity and innovation.

Another point Brené Brown shares in her book have to do with unused ingenuity. Not exercising creativity can take a physical toll on our bodies because when unexplored or unexpressed, it can turn into issues like judgment, anger, sorrow, grief, and disappointment. I have watched creativity change, build and transform people, economics, relationships, and more and Brown’s research has proven it matters.

When I traveled to South East Asia as part of my Executive MBA program in 2012, the key message that came from government, executives, educators, etc. was about the evolving doctrine of innovation economics and the shortage of creative thinking in global systems. Many countries outside the US are working to import knowledge by outsourcing human capital.

Since the beginning of time, the evolution of knowledge has come as the result of different ideas merging together to form new thoughts, discoveries, and processes. Creativity is at the core of our advancement because we can’t evolve without it.

So I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts about creativity and has this blog post changed your innovation lens?

Share your thoughts below and thank you for visiting my blog.

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