Four Simple Ways to Be More Grateful

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.  – Melody Beattie

 Want to know benefits to living thankfully?

A Psychology Today article called; “The Benefits of Being Thankful,” explains focusing on gratitude promotes well-being, motivating pro-social  and moral behavior.

Psychologists asked a group of people to spend just a few minutes a day for 13 days in a row thinking about and listing the things for which they were thankful. Compared to other control participants, these gratitude-focused folks experienced:

  •         Higher optimism
  •         Increased positive mood
  •         Greater feelings of belonging
  •         Less physical illness
  •         Lower levels of negativity
  •         Higher likelihood to be of service to others in need
  •         More likely to exercise (Suggesting gratitude promotes healthy living.)
  •         Improved and better quality sleep
The list above doesn’t even cover how gratefulness improves relationships,  enriches the emotional climate of family life, makes us more valued within the workplace and lays the foundation for a life well lived. Isn’t that exciting? Are you looking for ways to be more grateful? Below are a few things to take into consideration.
1)     Attitude of gratitude is possible, even in the face of adversity. 
We all have conflict that challenges us, just different kinds. Trust we are being prepared for something more. Choose to throw off discouragement, give yourself permission to let go of the chaos and simply, be present for yourself and others.
2)     99.99% is how you show up, so fake it till you make it! 
It’s been proven that affirmations really work! If you are struggling to feel thankful, perhaps that is when you need to do so even more.  There is something to be said for self-compassion, so,  say it anyway. “I’m thankful for the shoes on my feet, food on the table, my faith and resilience, family,” etc. You will actually start to feel grateful.
3)     Squash The Negative Self-Talk.
There is always someone else who has it worse than us and there is power in choices. Another Psychology Today article called; “Positive Self-Talk Can Help You Win The Race  – Or The Day.” provides great suggestions about the how to reprogram our thinking. Research has proved we can rewire our brains. Being happy and resilient comes from considering possibilities.
4)    Celebrate your journey, all you have learned and everything it will continue to teach. 
There is hope and I am a firm believer that when we put positive things out, they return to us in ways we never expected. This could be the beginning of something really exciting! Look at how far you have come! Good for you!
Happy Thanksgiving! Please share below, the ways you work on the practice of gratitude. What has it done for you?  I’d like to hear your story!

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