Day 12: Permission to Relax, Play, Have Fun and Trust

21 days to happiness: My story and 3 things I am thankful for: 

Life gets complicated and sometimes we need to give ourselves a break so recently I decided to saunter out to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America for a day of family fun.  We were waiting in line to get on the bumper cars and my mind was wandering. As I stood there looking at my child, I was pulled into the present moment and thought about how life can pass us by so quickly because there is always so much to do.  I was flooded with memories about the childhood adrenaline that would rush through my body waiting in line for rides as a youngster myself.

When I was 11, a new amusement park opened up about 15 miles from our house and it was a one admission (probably $9-10 per person) and free rides all day kind of place.

There was a dad in the neighborhood, who planted seeds of work ethic, fun and pay-off by striking up a deal with all of us (10-15 kids who lived on the block.)  If we could save up enough money to pay admission price over the summer, he would take all of us to Valley Fair. We accepted and could not wait to go.

It was a group effort  and there was no “score-keeping’ about who raised parts of which money. From early spring to summer, we would babysit, collect aluminum cans for recycling (at a penny a can), sell our old toys and set up lemonade stands constantly. For a few years we consistently met our goals and had some extra spending money for food and games. It was a blast and in addition to teaching us some important values, the reminiscence helped me create the memory of that same kind of fun with my own kid at Nickelodeon Universe.


So the point of this post is that more often than not, we need to not take ourselves too seriously. Give yourself permission to have fun. How are you going to relax, play, laugh and trust good things will come from it today?

Three things I am grateful for today:

  1. That I get to have fun, be spontaneous, reach into obscurity, grab hold of new ideas and discover something better
  2. The gift of parenthood, the insight it provides and that it makes me a better human being
  3. Mr. H, the lessons he taught and the gifts it gave us   

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