Day 2: A Breath of Fresh Air, and Life

21 days to happiness: My story and 3 things I am thankful for. 

Take a deep breath,” my father would say when I was little and either over excited or sad. It can be a great coping mechanism and sometimes all we need to do is take a step back and do just that. Take a deep breath. Getting the right amounts of oxygen increases our alertness, memory and judgement. According to research, breathing and meditation is an energizer and stress management tool.

In birthing classes, they encourage women to have a focal point during labor and the first time I went through one of these classes was when my cousin was pregnant. I remember her telling me she didn’t think she would need anything to concentrate on and in the back of my mind I found one for her, “just in case.” I would have her focus on the baby’s heartbeat and it worked. With each inward breath through the nose, Naomi’s oxygen level and heart beat would increase. The result? Life. Nearly seventeen years later, that little baby has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

3 things I am grateful for:

  1. That I can take a deep breath and know it will energize, revitalize and nourish me
  2. The privilege and ability to be present for the family and friends in my life
  3. The GIFT of life

About KakieF
Thanks for stopping by. In case you were wondering, my name, “Kakie“, is pronounced like the color khaki. Writing is a creative outlet for me and I founded this blog as a tool to do something worthwhile. I want to take my passion for learning and use it to create connections by sharing knowledge. Everyone has a story to tell and when we give, we get. I care about the work I do and enjoy using my curiosity, creativity and resourcefulness to solve problems and turn them into opportunities. Using our common experiences to collaborate can result in the power to grow, teach, learn, connect and be better for the experience. As I work with dynamic people and organizations trying to figure out how to adapt to, and approach this new world, it thrills me each time we teach one another. So let’s get started and begin conversations about possibilities that help us be even better! My professional journey has woven in and out of Fortune 500 corporate environments and startup ventures, through roles that bestowed titles such as; VP, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Strategic Management Consultant, Marketing Director and more. As an Executive MBA Graduate, I have been fortunate acquire skills that position me as a great learner, leader and team builder who knows how to create a vision and provide inclusive direction that brings everyone along. My resourcefulness and analytical thinking skills help me make assessments that result in thorough research and analysis to make good business decisions, while maintaining flexibility to change direction when necessary. International business study and travel have taught me the importance of remaining relevant as a global citizen. As a Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Project Manager (CPM), I am an implementer who knows how to take initiative, stay focused on the end goal and get results on time and under budget. Imagine a world where we all become the great leaders we aspire to be. It can be done! New doors are opening every day and I am optimistic about our future. It is my belief that successful people want to help each other and my desire is to have discussion about things that are meaningful to you. Please don’t keep me a secret. I would love to connect with you and others you think I should meet. Thank you for joining the conversation!

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