Reviewing Why: “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman

I recently read the book; “The World is Flat, A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century” by Thomas Friedman, who presents the case that since 1492 we have shifted economies from countries, to companies, to people. As our ability to connect to others increases, we can do business with anyone, anywhere, which is making the world flatter. Any person can be a reporter, journalist, photographer, etc. and Friedman argues that the “American dream” is available to those who wants it because individuals and businesses can look as big or small as they want to.

If we don’t act now we will not have the time needed to get the right infrastructures in place to ensure we remain economic, professional and educational contenders. He argues that The United States of America is not ready to participate in the global playing field and if we don’t remain competitive, other countries will be in front of us for education, business and economics. Our educational system has been falling behind and his argument is convincing. It makes me wonder how that will affect the future of our kids.

I believe the most important message for future business leaders to know and understand from this book this revolution is still creating new opportunities that are evolving. We will still have opportunity to create more possibilities. But we must keep up the pace because what we learn in school is quickly being outdated.  I highly recommend the book. Below is a summary. I invite you to share your thoughts below!


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