Do You Have a Personal Oath as a Business Professional?

Recently I got together with some friends and we came up with our own oath for being a business professional. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that perhaps you will aspire to do something similar that works in your life. Enjoy!

As a Business Professional I will strive to:

Be honest and trustworthy in my words and actions.

Be ethical and act with integrity.

Embrace diversity, community and globalization.

Respect others by recognizing differences in perspectives, learning styles, ideas, cultures, and beliefs.

Treat others with compassion and empathy.

Develop relationships that foster an environment of honesty and trust.

Follow through on my commitments.

Avoid activities that may bring embarrassment to myself or my company.

Challenge the status quo and actively support the search for innovative solutions.

Embrace failures and consider them opportunities for growth and improvement.

By willingly following this oath I will know that I have led my life well.


Written in collaboration with: Kevin Morrissey, James Gagliardi, Suvash Kafley, Fred Caslavka, Jean MacDonell and Kakie Fitzsimmons

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