6 Things You Should Know About Leading Change

There is an infinite amount of information available today which provides insights about effectively dealing with the issue of leading change. There is not any one specific way to approach the topic because there are no proven statistical formulas to provide absolute solutions. What we do see, however, are common themes that exist across the board because of different perceptions and perspectives.


  • There is power in how we choose to approach and respond to each situation. Change can be healthy if people make a conscious decision not to stay stuck in their own paradigms.
  • Leaders and followers all have different styles that make up our culture and we need to pay attention to our definitions of diversity.
  • People will resist change because they are afraid of losing something. Understanding the source of that resistance in order to generate an effective plan of action is imperative. The highly resilient individual can be an asset for managers in implementation of the change process.
  • Building trusting relationships and maintaining integrity is a crucial component when leading change. A good leader will cognitively think about how their actions build or break trust.
  • How and when we communicate change can have an impact on whether the message is heard and understood.
  • Those who are proactive and embrace change will be seen as individuals with added value to leaders and organizations.


It is important to think about what the impact of implementing change can have from a macro or aggregate perspective. Getting others to focus on their own thinking process is important because there is a ripple effect that can start from the efforts of one individual and permeate to the rest of society. We live in a culture that rewards based on results and scenario thinking can be a tool to help us achieve positive outcomes. Skills alone are not enough to determine marketability in the workplace. Marketability comes from being able to experience a situation, reflect on it, learn from it and then move on.


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3 Responses to 6 Things You Should Know About Leading Change

  1. Kristin Schumacher says:

    Kakie – this is true. Read Jim Collins “Good to Great”. For me – leading change is about engaging the people around you to buy in and delegate to each persons strength. to me, THAT is true leadership change.

  2. kakieswrite says:

    Thanks Kristin, I couldn’t agree more. Some of the best leaders I have worked with in the past did exactly that.

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