Top Ten Twitter Tips for Beginners

Are you one of the people out there who don’t understand Twitter and don’t know where to start? No worries, you are not alone! Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service which lets users to send and read other users’ messages called tweets. Tweets are texted posts of up to 140 characters displayed on a user’s profile page. Below are 10 useful tips for those new to Twitter.

1. Shorten your URL when it is too long using services like Bitly or Tinyurl are some tools to help.

2. Use a real picture as your avatar. It personalizes the experience and connects you to your followers.

3. Use twitter search to find topics, people to follow or groups of people who have similar interests. Good examples of must follows include   @GuyKawasaki @Chrisbrogan @SethGodin @Kakief

4. Build relationships one person at a time. Retweets are one way to do this. If you see a tweet that you think might add value to your followers be sure to use this feature. Here is an example of what a Retweet might look like on Twitter: “ RT @KakieF: Advanced Screening Movie Review: “The Social Network” Based o Mark Zuckerberg and Story Behind Facebook:

5. Acknowledge new followers using Social Oomph. This allows you to automatically send a direct message to people who follow you. Be sure the direct message says something authentic and does not have a link in it.

6. A #hashtag is a way to identify a certain trend or group of people. For example, a hashtag I use frequently #smbmsp is an acronym for The Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul. I belong to this group and may search the hashtag to see if I know others attending upcoming events, let them know I will be attending, view any notes they tweet during the event and recaps.

7. Find a good mobile phone application to tweet from your phone.

8. Use desktop tools like Tweetdeck, Hootesuite, Twhirl to help you manage your accounts.

9. Personalize yourself by sharing photos using twitpic, flickr, etc. In addition, use a real picture as your avatar. It makes the experience more personal and connects you to your followers.

10. Listen before you tweet. In other words, observe how others are using it in different circles. It is amazing what you will learn.

Twitter Bird


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