The Future of Mobile Marketing is Now

A while back, I saw a seminar put on by the The Mobile Marketing Association. The use of mobile phone applications has exploded and the industry goes beyond just iPhones. As marketing continues to shape advertising in digital marketing and social media there is huge opportunity in this market.

Below is a summary of what I took away from the presentation.

Q:  How do we mobilize what we do for our clients and how do we prioritize?

Four drivers to consider:

  1. Planning – Look at the advantages that mobile brings along with the capabilities to support it. These are essential pieces to the success of any mobile marketing initiative.
  2. Delivery – Messaging, Text messaging Polls surveys, browsing mobile advertising and search and downloads
  3. Measurement. Mobile today is about transactions and interactions. Less entertainment and more utility. Downloading apps, ringtones, etc.
  4. Understanding it is the best part of the of multichannel campaign. Immediacy is how to make it part of the mix because if we get it right it will be the ultimate relationship.

A phone is personal, people carry them everywhere and there needs to be value exchange in terms of the information they are receiving. It is about finding the right positions from the consumer so the message is not intrusive and they understand what they are getting. That involves knowing their preferences and telling them what to expect early on in the process. If they find value, they will use it.

When I talk to people who are not early adapters they are in awe when I explain how GPS is being used to target market where people are and get them to take action based on that information. Here is an example of how it could work.  The consumer walks by a Caribou Coffee and at that very moment receives a text message that says: Stop in for a cup of coffee and receive a complimentary muffin.  So how do we take the mobile and mainstream it to add business value? Good question, we will have to watch it unfold as mobile and digital marketing evolves. That is our future.

Do you have thoughts or examples of how you have used it or seen it work effectively? Please join the conversation with us and make your comments below.

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