Pillars, Building Blocks and Stages of Social Media

In much of the world, social media is still new. Companies are catching up, terms and process are evolving, the way we are doing business is changing. People are listening to learn, referring to terminology differently. However you want to explain social media pillars, building blocks, stages, etc. What is important is the groundwork is being laid and there are so many ways to explain them because some experts explanations are more detailed or technical than others. Let’s take a look at how some of the social media evangelists are trying to simplify the process.

Chris Brogan has many different ways that he explains the process of social media:   Inside Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore. Picture Curated by Kakie Fitzsimmons 1

  • Find where your consumers are
  • Listen to what they are saying
  • Report findings
  • Reach out
  • Engage
  • Add value
  • Participate
  • Repeat.

He also uses the following stages: Awareness, Attention, Engagement, execution, extension, blend it all together

Brian Solis has The 10 Stages of Social Media Integration in Business:

  • Observe and report
  • Setting stage plus dress rehearsal
  • Socializing media
  • Finding a voice and a sense of purpose
  • Putting words into action
  • Humanizing the brand and defining the experience
  • Community
  • Social Darwinism
  • Socialization of business process
  • Business performance metrics

Seth Godin lists Five Pillars of Success:

  • See (really see) what’s possible
  • Know specifically what you want to achieve
  • Make good decisions
  • Understand the tactics to get things done and to change minds
  • Earn the trust and respect of the people around you

What ever process or resources your organization uses, the premise will always be the same. Social media is about being social and creating relationships one person at a time. Social media is a different extension of marketing, but the process has not changed. What matters is that your organization embraces the process in ways that are meaningful for your brand.

A while back I listened to David Armano (@armano) speak about the future of advertising and wrote about it in a post called The Future of Advertising – Moving from WTF? to FTW! (graphic, I know, but there is a point and a method to my madness). It is that mistakes will be made along the way and it is okay because that is how we learn, which is a whole different post.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the process of social media with your brands. Please share below!


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