LOST? WHOA DUDE! Viral Double Rainbow Guy Speaks!

As of the date of this post, the viral video, referred to as the “The Double Rainbow Guy” has received over 3 million hits. In the viral video, he spends about 3 1/2 minutes saying things like “whoa” because he see”s 2 rainbows with a full ark. There are some things that gave this video viral appeal, it happened spontaneously, there was no acting, it was authentic and more. The fact that it received national news coverage didn’t hurt either. Take a look below at his comments that were not included on the video below because I think they fed the fuel even more, so I have included my own commentary.

Double Rainbow Guy Quote: “People are connecting with it because they feel the spirit in it. I feel like Noah, because I’m building what seems like an ark here. I have greenhouses, fruit-trees, and I’m working toward alternative energy. It was probably something like the burning bush that Moses experienced.”

Hmmmmm, REALLY? I hate to break it to you Double Rainbow Guy, but that wasn’t even close to what I was thinking the first time I saw the video. I am glad it was a spiritual awakening for you.

Double Rainbow Guy Quote: “People think you can only have that kind of experience on drugs,” he explains. “But you don’t have to be–you can have the experience with nature without having to be high or having sex.”

This comment is where it got really funny to me. Because the whole paragraph contradicts itself. The first two sentences sound like he is going to revisit the “Just  Say No” campaign kicked off by President and Nancy Reagan in the 1980’s. But then ?

“But I’m not opposed to it! I mean, I was high in the other video, Giant Intense Rainbow,” he assured me with a burly chuckle. “I smoke pot myself–I mean, I have a prescription for it–it’s legal here in California.

Is it just me, or does he does kind of look like Hugo (Hurley)Reyes from the LOST television series? Maybe he went back in time and then returned in a little VW mini-van after a visit to Woodstock.

After reading his comments, I felt as though I was stuck in an SNL “REALLY?” skit with Seth and Amy:

This a fun blog post for me, so for what it is worth, thanks Double Rainbow Guy, for making me laugh. Thanks Kim Opitz (@rribbitz) for bringing it to my attention via Facebook.


So what do you think? I want to hear your comments. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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2 Responses to LOST? WHOA DUDE! Viral Double Rainbow Guy Speaks!

  1. Kim Opitz says:

    I just absolutely love double rainbow guy. Drugs or high on life, there’s joy there. 🙂

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