I just hit 10,000 tweets – How do we figure out what that is supposed to mean?

This blog post marks my 10,000 tweets since joining. To date I have nearly 2,600 followers and am following nearly 2400 people.  As I approached this “landmark” I wondered if there would be something profound to say. I wondered if the skies would part and there would be singing. Not really. The amazement for me is not my tweets. It is really how this form of ‘micro-blogging’ has changed the way we communicate. It is an evolution that will continue to transform us. For those new to social media, here are just a few innovative ways Twitter is being used.

  • If someone doesn’t answer a text, phone call, return an email or respond on Facebook, Twitter is another way to get their attention.
  • Business uses it to manage customer service issues, their reputation, to have conversations with their consumers and more.
  • Breaking news gets out faster than traditional media. When Michael Jackson died last June, the information flew across Twitter nearly 2-3 hours before it was officially announced in the media
  • Journalists and PR agencies use it as a tool to pitch story ideas to the media.
  • Unemployed use it to get the word out about bills in congress or to encourage political calls to action
  • Nonprofit organizations are using it to get the word out around their causes.
  • During the Presidential Election, it was used as a tool during to debates to enter real time fact checks for the Obama side.
  • Librarians and educators are using it to have continuing dialogue.
  • #Hashtags are being used at conferences to track discussion and address questions.

There is more, but these are just a few. Twitter and social media is about relationships and adding value. Profound change does not happen with a single marketing campaign.

We make connections with others who have similar interests, different prespectives. Connection starts with reaching out and acnowledging to our followers that they exist. The more they know about you, the more connected they feel. On the other hand, when all you do is talk about you, people don’t really care. The lesson here is that when you sing the praises of the people around you, you look good, so if you are just starting out on Twitter, keep that in mind.

If you have other examples of innovative ways you have seen Twitter make a difference, please join in the conversation below.


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