Unemployment Extension is Misleading: Use Social Media to Help Those in Need – “The 99ers”

Recently, Congress prolonged unemployment benefits through June 2nd for SOME people. Many think that the unemployed must be counting their blessings, but this extension does not help those who are the 99ers, (those who have used up their full 99 weeks of benefits.)   Congress currently has 4 tiers of extension in federal government unemployment benefits. There is a bill on the table to create a 5th tier, but it seems to be stalled. 

I interviewed a well educated single mom, we will call her Janine. She has worked in mid-senior level management for over 20 years and receives no child support.  “I attend job networking groups and conduct informational interviews for introductions. Submitting resumes online is not good enough anymore.”  Janine shared she has also been volunteering for a nonprofit organization as a means to find work. She has no more benefits.

I also spoke with a gentleman, we will call him Tom. He is 55 years old and is told he is over qualified by companies. “They assume I wont fall into their pay scale despite lowering my salary expectations significantly.”  Tom goes on to share, “The market is so saturated with people looking for work. I had a recruiter tell me she received up to 500 resumes in just one day.” Tom tried to go to his bank to get his mortgage payments reduced. The bank refused because he can’t prove income for the next 9 months. Tom told me if he doesn’t find a job soon, his only choice will be to let his house go back to the bank.

As I heard these stories, I wondered how we could use social media to influence politicians to make a difference for people like this soon? Change.org has a petition asking Congress to add a tier 5 and help those who have exhausted their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.  http://bit.ly/95ZVR1 . Their goal is to get to 25,000 signatures.

Sign another petition here: http://bit.ly/bBpYwa

 How can you help and use social media to help those in need? Please share below.


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4 Responses to Unemployment Extension is Misleading: Use Social Media to Help Those in Need – “The 99ers”

  1. Robert says:

    Yes, I signed the petition you mentioned weeks ago. And of course I emailed my senators weeks ago. And so what. The state I live in pays a maximum UI weekly benefit of $265 for those who qualify. Well, it’s better than nothing. And that is what I,ve had since the end of February–zero. I found a web site “Congress.org” where you can access contact information for all senators and congress.

    After sending emails to key players in this issue, I was informed (after research and inquiring) that these clowns don’t even read mail unless its from their particular state. The bottom line with our “decision makers” is that they are out of touch with the current concerns of fellow citizens and/or they simple don’t care. This economy is in the worst shape since the Great Depression, hello. How much has the war in Iraq and Afghanistan cost since it began under one of the worst presidents in history? Oh, now there’s concern about the “deficit.” You must “pay as you go.”

    These people can’t identify with or help those in need. Let them stand in the unemployment line and I’ll bet they will be singing a different tune.

    • kakieswrite says:

      Hi Robert, thank you for joining in the conversation. It is so frustrating but we can not give up. I am sure you noticed they are encouraging everyone to send faxes here in an article titled 99’ers launch ‘fax attack’ on Washington in demand of a Tier V of unemployment benefits. This fax attack is to take place on May 3rd. Please help sent the message through social media. Tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogs are great tools to make that happen.

      If any politicians have blogs, lets get out there and make comments. We can do it one person at a time. Thanks again for joining in the conversation, I hope you keep coming back.

  2. Natalie says:

    This is absolutely insane! We the people take care of 3rd world country’s, rebuild,feed the children etc…. and can’t take care of our own backyard it is just shameful.

    I have been out of work for 2 years , I have moved from state to state looking for work Arizona, California and now onto Texas. This is not like I am unwilling or not try to find work it is a fact that there is NO work and yet we continue to take care of others that are not even legal or more importantly don’t even live in the United States. I have been willing to make these moves because when something does come available I want to be the first one in that job line this is why I continue to move after giving six to 7 months of time and energy in different states. Meanwhile I as many others have run out of money not receiving unemployment benefits while in search of full time work. There has to be continual help for those of us that are willing and able to work. I feel it imperative that Tier 5 unemployment be passed. In addition we need to discontinue bailing these banks and other large buisness out of debt when they continue to give millions of dollars in ridiculous bonuses when there are people starving on the streets of America.


    • kakieswrite says:

      Hi Natalie, thank you for your response. I know where you are coming from and know it isn’t easy. Moving from state to state must be really exhausting and I am sorry you have to go through that. If we do this right and internet chatter gets loud enough we CAN make a difference. We have to get others to do the same.

      What I struggle with is that there are claims unemployment is shrinking but I don’t think they are counting the 99ers who are no longer receiving unemployment. As far as I am concerned, this is a national emergency.

      I agree with President Obama that creating jobs will help. The only problem with that is creating jobs is a long term solution. We need something now. The stories I shared above are real people in real situations. There are hundreds of thousands (or more) of people facing the same situation. Lets use Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, calling our government representatives, sending them emails and faxes. Something has got to give. Thank you for joining the conversation on my blog, please don’t keep it a secret.

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