“What the HELL is Social Media?” (in 2 minutes)

Pardon the explicative language above, but I didn’t give this 2 minute video the name. My friend Keith Privette (@Keithprivette) recently came across this and it sumarizes what social media is and why people need to jump on the band-wagon. He first saw the video thanks to Robyn Flach @justRobyn. I met Keith through the Social Media Breakfast in the Twin Cities and must say, not only is he a fantastic person, but he also really gets social media. Thanks Keith!

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2 Responses to “What the HELL is Social Media?” (in 2 minutes)

  1. Wow thank you Kaki for that compliment! Did not expect that, but I do have to clarify one point you made, yes you did receive this from me since I favorited it on youtube, but I have to give credit where credit is due! Robyn Flach had tweeted this out on Saturday. This is how I obtained this very useful nugget. Thank You Robyn Flach http://www.twitter.com/justrobyn http://www.facebook.com/robynflach

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