Using Social Media: Give Girls in Kenya a Fresh Start, an Education and a New Home

A post on Facebook by Chris Brogan inspired me to create this post. He is encouraging people to donate $10-20 for an organization called “Mothers Fighting for Others” with the click of a button. Brogan says:

You can read the whole post about what they’re doing here.

But for you, I’m asking you to drop in $10 or $20 to get this going. Think about it this way: they need to raise a total of $50K. That means 5,000 of us could pitch in $10 and have it all done in no time at all. About 50,000 people subscribe to this blog daily, so I’m asking 1 in 10 of you to donate $10. This should be handled in a few hours, right?

Or it will be if you give *AND* share the post. And remember, all ChipIn widgets are copy-able. You can put it on your site, in your post, and the money will still go to the cause and everyone will still be successful.

You ready? Just $10 or  $20 will make a difference with one or two clicks of a button here

Want to see another way that people are pitching in? Look at 50Kfor50K. This will all support the same project, so if you’d rather pay $20 to shut Maya up, be my guest. : )


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