My Case Study: Charter Communications and Social Media

A few weeks back, I had billing issues with my phone, internet and cable providor, Charter Communications. I tried resolve this issue via their chat function for 45 minutes and I was not getting anywhere. They told me it was going to take 6-8 weeks for me to resolve the issue. Next, I called corporate office number and spoke to one person there which took an additional 30 minutes.  I was exhausted. So I went out to Twitter and tweeted:

  1. Hey #Charter Communications – Several, several, several requests to escalate a problem and your customer service isn’t helping
  2. Hey #Charter Communications – Help me fix my dispute today. Today. I have asked several times for a leadership name at your company

I hadn’t been paying attention to twitter after those tweets because I was working on the phone to resolve my issues. Immediately  @Umatter2Chtr2 began responding online. Next,within 10 minutes of sending those tweets (Yes TEN MINUTES) I received a call from Josh, a member of the social media team at Charter. “We noticed you out on Twitter and I was wondering how I can help you today?” I explained the series of events and within 5 minutes he called me back. Problem fixed!

Josh and Jeremy at Charter Communications SAVED MY DAY! My faith in the company was restored.

My response? : “RT @kakief Kudos to #charter communications social media team. Resolving my issues = authentic, personable and quick.”

So what did Charter Communications do that was right here?

In Chris Brogan’s book “Trust Agents,” he refers to “The Three A’s” as a recipe to improve apologies. On page 198 he says they are:

  1. Acknowledge: Start an apology by telling the person that you accept that something happened. (In my case, it was “We are sorry we haven’t met your needs”
  2. Apologize: Make sure you clearly and simply say you are sorry with no excuses tacked on. (In my case it was, “I’m sorry Ms. Fitzsimmons.)
  3. Act: Explain what you will do to improve or rectify the situation. (In my case it was, “you won’t have to do anything more, let me take care of that and make sure it isn’t a problem that happens again.”)

In my book, Charter did these things in order and were sincere. It made a world of difference and that is the way great customer service should operate. They repaired my frustration and restored my faith in the company within 30 minues. They have a consumer for life.

Chris Brogan asks: ‘Are you a Trust Agent?‘: Find out his thoughts at the link. Do you have a similar story? Please share below and thanks for participating in the conversation.


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4 Responses to My Case Study: Charter Communications and Social Media

  1. Hello Kakie,

    I am very sorry that you could not get this situation resolved through your first contact and will be providing feedback and coaching to those Agents and Supervisors.

    I did want to thank you for taking the time to recognize Josh. We certainly appreciate it.

    Have a great Sunday…Eric

  2. Albertmaruggi says:

    I’d say this 1) great job on social media o respond 2) but that would not have been necessary and the negative would not have been made public if the original customer service resolved your issue.

    Therefore I view this as an alarm for Charter’s customer service process and not a social media victory

    • kakieswrite says:

      Hi Al, thanks for joining the conversation. You make a compelling point. There are so many companies still working to get it right and while this process took a while, social media was the vehicle that got me the results I was satisfied with. As people increase their use of social media, it will be interesting to see if more people turn to it prior to making phone calls or chatting online.

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