Hey Marketers! Time to Get on Board with QR Code Mobile Media!

This is a QR code which is similar to a barcode, but provides much more information that is revolutionizing marketing

There is a new barcode in town called “QR codes.”  It’s much more than just a barcode. It is changing the way people are doing things all over the world. Scanning these codes is similar to scanning items at Target or Wal-Mart with your mobile phone, but QR codes have far more data than barcodes. The “QR” in QR code is an acronym for Quick Response. It is an application on a mobile phone that leads people to additional information, videos, text, websites and more. It uses Smartphone technology to speed read high capacity, high density data by scanning it.  The applications can be downloaded onto an iPhone or Blackberry.



QR codes are:

  • Two-dimensional barcodes
  • Easy to generate. Create your own codes at QR Stuff
  • Placed in multimedia, on signs, products and business cards
  • Scanned by mobile phones
  • Leads people to more information (website, v-cards, coupons, additional text, product information)

The QR code can display on:

  • Business cards to scan and download a v-card right to your address book
  • Signs or brochures for travel based tours and reviews
  • Bus stop signs to find schedules and routes
  • Department store check out areas that will have a coupon or discount
  • Art gallery items telling more about each peice

How they work:

  • Download the application to your Smartphone
  • Take a picture of the QR code with your cell phone
  • QR reader decodes it
  • It directs you to more information. (Educational websites or additional text and more)

Mobile phone illustration of how QR codes work. They are a marketing tool that has been used extensively in other countries like Japan.

It’s easy! Please, share your thoughts about this below.

By Kakie Fitzsimmons

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