Social Media: What Brands Needs to Know

By Kakie Fitzsimmons

Days of Study by Kakie FitzsimmonsIn the early days of social media, it appeared to be something senior leadership approached with caution because the idea of putting control of a brand into the hands of consumers was a new way of thinking. I have had companies tell me:

  1.  “Our legal department absolutely will not allow us to have a blog.
  2. Our legal department won’t condone letting our employees use Twitter.” 
  3. “We are waiting to see what the rest of the industry is going to do.”
  4. “Oh yeah, that Twitter and Facebook thing, we’re all over that”

We all know that social media is so much larger than ‘that Twitter and Facebook thing.’ 🙂 If a company is going to put a plan in motion, the first place to start is with its employees. One great example is Best Buy, who did a great job with this by creating a #twelpforce. a.k.a @twelpforce They knew how to leverage their employees as listening agents to be on top of questions or issues that arise around electronics and their brand. This concept and quick response is redefining customer service, It is adding value to a brand beyond anything that money can buy. Companies are going to eventually get on the Social Media train and we will see that over the next couple of years. It has become the “buzz” at conferences and within companies. So where is the place to start? Here are a few tips.

Learn what social media is:

  • Ongoing Conversation that is personal
  • Something that puts humanity back into interactions
  • A value add that gives people resources
  • Something people want to share with their friends because it communicates what is meaningful to your brand
  • A tool that can differentiate your brand from your competitors

Learn what social media is NOT:

  • A place to come with a megaphone to say “Look at us! Here we are! Love us!”
  • Advertising
  • A place to get as many followers as you can, sacrificing quality


  1. What do we want social media to do for us?
  2.  How do we want to use it?
  3. Which platforms make the most sense to use?
  4. Would we rather create a place where our consumers go so we can respond in a timely and meaningful way?
  5. Or do we want total control to be in the over 150 mainstream platforms that are out there?
  6. How will it impact our online reputation management strategy?

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7 Responses to Social Media: What Brands Needs to Know

  1. Mel says:

    Great post Kakie! I know it sounds funny to say to corporations, but “be a person first” and the rest will follow.

    I’ve become “friends’ with several people on Twitter who I know are representing a company, but they relate to me as a person first, not as a potential customer to shout my advertising at. Because of this I am more likely to promote their business with my clients (because they have built up a reputation with me first of being honest, reliable and responsive to inquiries). That’s what it’s all about folks!

  2. I agree with Mel. I am thrilled to be part of a team of corporate bloggers who put our relationships first. We have a great time with each other and our readers. Newell Rubbermaid is a very family oriented company. In our Baby and Parenting Global Business Unit – we at Graco are parents first and I’m glad Newell encourages us to engage with our market in the Social Media arena. Our blog is for telling our personal stories, sharing the wonder and mystery of parenting and sharing information that helps make parenting easier and children safer.

  3. kakieswrite says:

    Hi Mel and Donna. Being honest, reliable and responsive is what its all about. When people see transparency of who you are, it all comes together, builds trust and they will tell others about you.

    Donna, I like what Rubbermaid is doing and wish more companies would follow suit. I really think the personal stories work. That seems to be where I have received the best response on both of my blog.

    Thanks for your comments and for reading my blog! Best!

  4. Great post on social media and a subject close to my own heart. You may find my book incredibly useful to tackle those questions listed above.

    Go to where you can even download the first chapter for free.

    I’d love to hear what you think.

  5. kakieswrite says:

    Thanks Louis, I can’t wait to check it out!

  6. Margaret says:

    This is an interesting post! I like that it breaks down what social media is or is not. I do have a blog for my business but I try to include other articles of interest as well. My tweets are often not related to my business directly but about what people might find interesting in the industry. I have a second blog that is more random thoughts and focuses more on writing.

  7. kakieswrite says:

    Thanks for your comments Margaret, I am glad that you saw value in it. Your comment about creating resources for your audience is what makes you stand out on twitter. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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