FanChatter, the new face of sports via social media

I don’t normally talk about this on my social media blog, but this time, I just couldn’t resist. Many of you know I co-author award-winning books that teach kids about sports and self-esteem. Our goal with the children’s books is to get families active and help kids develop lifelong passion around sports. Recently I found out about something I think is thrilling!  I wanted to tell you about FanChatter because it is so relevant to social media and sports.

FanChatter is a Y-Combination recipient. Y-Combination is a VC company that specializes in working with software and web-service companies. FanChatter combines social media and sports and was founded in 2007 as a mobile social media network for sports enthusiasts. Their idea was for fans to take pictures at the games, which would be displayed on the jumbotron. It also allows fans to tweet real-time via, FanChatter. The  Minnesota Timberwolves are the first team to feature FanChatter’s new Chatterbox technology. ChatterBox allows people to tweet and blog by using the hashtag #Twolves.  These tweets and blog posts are then displayed on the homepage of the sports team. Visit the homepage of the Timberwolves to see how it works. Its a new face for social media and sports enthusiasts.

What a fun way for families to get active and excited about athletics! Chime in, what do you think about this? Please share below!

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2 Responses to FanChatter, the new face of sports via social media

  1. Mark says:

    Kakie – great note on FanChatter. I’ve seen Twitter being used at sports events for the teams to keep fans in the loop of injuries and player status (near real time). This sounds like the next logical step. Interesting idea to check out! Thanks!

    (also – I totally agree with your take on kids and sports! VERY cool!)

  2. kakieswrite says:

    Hi Mark, it does make total sense, a great way to engage the kids more. I’m glad you like our idea of educating kids about sports. That is when the passion starts. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Best

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