Best Buy Seeks Job Description Advice from Social Media Community

Recently Best Buy posted a position called, Sr Manager, Emerging Media Marketing and CMO Barry Judge ( @bestbuycmo ) wrote a post called Help us write the Job Description – Sr Manager, Emerging Media Marketing.   

Best Buy created a site they call “IdeaX” which is a place where consumers can go to make suggestions about how to make the company an even better place for consumers, employees, potential employees and more. For those who want to provide input for this new position, “IdeaX” is the place to do that. You have until July 14th at 5:00PM. The link to the post on Mr. Judge’s blog lists guidelines and how to get started. Refer to the post for further information.

Best Buy’s actions are the antithesis of social media because it is engaging consumers in ways that are authentic and transparent. Telling the public it is listening on so many levels is great PR and world class customer service. They are a company who has really been on the cutting edge of social media experiementation.

Many corporations haven’t jumped in on that game because they are waiting to see what others will do (*see my former post Failure isn’t falling down, failure is not getting up for more information.) Best Buy headquarters is in Richfield, Minnesota which is great because the Twin Cities has one of the strongest and largest social media groups in the country. Those of us active in the social media community here are proud of that and once again, we say kudos to Best Buy.

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2 Responses to Best Buy Seeks Job Description Advice from Social Media Community

  1. Kakie,

    I am so glad I am following you on Twitter! This is how I learned about this article 😉

    Yes, I totally agree – Best Buy efforts are admirable! I will try to contribute to the job description – perhaps our efforts will help to shape a job description of new group of employees throughout the industry. And, who knows, one of them might be my manager…

    Thank you for the great post!!
    Vanessa Bright

  2. kakieswrite says:

    Hi Vanessa, I am so pleased you thought this was helpful information and its great to hear you plan to contribute. Hope to see you soon! Keep coming back.

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