What do Thunderstorms and Shoes have in common? SPAM

Admittedly, I am a fan of thunderstorms on Facebook. Recently I got a post from the Thunderstorms fan page that asked: “Shoe lovers out there? Become a fan of the official Shoe Page” –> ping.fm/stc1Dvia

 ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is this a brilliant marketing campaign for shoes or a test in social media? (or both?). At first, I thought it was an experiment because within 23 minutes there were 351 comments and 1,093 people who liked it. It was SPAM but just for fun, I listed some noteworthy comments made by fans of thunderstorms in response to the post because some were funny.

  •  I’m leaving group for advertising shoes. WTF does shoe loving have to do with Thunderstorms??
  •  I’m surprised it wasn’t by the ‘official rubber boot’ group.  The pitch: “Love thunderstorms, but don’t want to be electrocuted while standing on elevated ground in sopping wet grass? Do we have the hook up for you! Overstock rubber boots at affordable prices! And now when you buy two pairs you get a free chargeable radio with a 30 foot antenna.”
  • So you’re telling us that the sound from thunderstorms is really a bunch of shoes dancing around in the clouds? We’re smarter than that
  • It’s just a ploy to get you to become a fan of THAT link too!! Thunderstorms got such feedback, they’re creating ANY thing!!
  • 705 people like this? Who is “liking” spam? I’m having to leave all of these groups because all they do is spam. Which is a shame because I really did like thunderstorms. Thunderstorms r better. screw shoes
  • Dislike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Flip flops are the only endurable shoes, otherwise barefoot is the way to go–especially in thunderstorms!!!!!!!!!
  •   Insidious plots amongst interest/fan pages!
  •  Whoa, Thunderstorm page and shoes don’t mix.  And shoes suck big __insert imaginative word here__.
  • WTF haha    Buh bye thunderstorms
  • I do need a new pair of shoes, good idea facebook
  •  Storm troopers all the way, go for that Doc Martin look.  Shoe fetish?
  •  SHOES suck! barefoot is the way to go! 🙂

As it turns out, the post got pulled, probably due to controversy, but it was comical so thanks for the laughs Facebook!


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