Best Buy Leverages Twitter Opportunity

Electronic retailer giant Best Buy is creating a customer service team, @Twelpforce, that will listen to the chatter on Twitter and respond to questions people may have about electronics. It appears as though they are using the hashtag #twelpforce.

Why is that so cool? Because they are creating personal service and expertise that is authentic and transparent which is what social media is all about. The report came out on Bloomberg on July 2nd in an article called Best Buy Uses Twitter to Create Sales, Service Team (Update1)

CMO Barry Judge (@bestbuycmo) alluded to this on his blog in a post titled Bringing Dream Support To Life In The Customer Experience. where he is quoted as saying “I think what you will notice, in the next several months, is a renewed commitment to making our customers’ happy; unparalleled support to make technology work the way it should; and advertising that gets at the heart of our brand. Let me know. I am always listening and I want to know how we are tracking.”

I worked at Best Buy in the late 80’s and even back then, I remember Dick Schultz (the company founder and former CEO) talking about HTDV transitions in 2009. (Yes, they were talking about it back then). I say kudos to Mr. Judge and the rest of his team for continuing with the legacy of a forward thinking Mr. Schultz. Let’s hope more companies are quick to follow suit and embrace social media as a marketing tool.

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By Kakie Fitzsimmons

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