17 Hysterical Twitter profiles

I wish I could take credit for pulling these together. I got most of  them from Kathy over at “The Big Wave Blog.”  So much for the twitter verification system. Here are 16 hysterical profiles on Twitter, clearly fake, but creatively done:

God on TwitterGod

Location: heaven      Bio: Hells yeah, it’s me!

Sample Tweet: Sorry for the crazy weather this spring, some one was messing with the seasons


Satan on TwitterSatan

Location: Hell       Bio: fallen

Sample Tweet: what can i do for economic crisis today? Dropping another bank? insurance?


Jesus on TwitterJesus Christ

Sample Tweet:  Why hath I only 377 followers? Your father would be ashamed.



Hasselhoff on TwitterDavid Hasselhoff

Location: Hollywood, California        Bio: Star of stage, screen, and song. You love me.

Sample Tweet: plotting to kill Wayne Newton

Chuck Norris on TwitterChuck Norris

Location: Chuck Norris Bio: Watch your teeth.  

Sample Tweet: Retweeting Chuck Norris can prevent you from being roundhouse kicked

Paris Hilton on TwitterParis Hilton

Bio: Im Hot. TTYN      Sample Tweet: Being Hot.



George Bush on TwitterGeorge W. Bush

Bio: You can have my White House when you pry from my cold dead hands.

Sample Tweet: Askin’ Obamer to waive my baggage fees when ridin’ Air Force One.


Dick Cheney on TwitterDick Cheney

Location: Washington, DC

Bio” Vice President of the United States of America. Hobbies include listening to Toby Keith, shooting stuff, and maintaining a heart healthy diet.

Sample Tweet: Working on my BYU commencement address. Thinking about trying out some new Iraq/Al Qaeda material. It’s so gonna kill with the kids.

Benjamin Franklin on TwitterBenjamin Franklin

Location: Undiscolsed

Bio: Frozen in a sub-basement of the Smithsonian for 200+ years. Now, thawed and ready to master this new lightning-powered inkless press you call the internet.

Sample Tweet: @animaisregra I am flattered but so many people think that I was a US president.

Osama Bin Laden on TwitterOsama Bin Laden

Location: Wouldn’t you like to know?   Bio: Terrorist, scoundrel, playboy

Sample Tweet: People often ask me: What’s the best part of your job? And I have to tell you, it’s this: working from home.

Darth Vader on TwitterDarth Vader

Location: Empire, CO   Bio: Evil Orphan Annie™

Sample Tweet: Mad Sith props to Dick Cheney for his recent whirl-wind media tour. I gain 100+ followers every time he opens his evil maw.
Yoda on TwitterYoda

Location: The place where the force is.     Bio: Tweet I will, yesss.

Sample Tweet: Hungry I am. Sonic there is none. Lame that is.

r2d2 on Twitterr2d2

Location: Tatooine    Bio: *doot deet doot deet deet

Sample Tweet: *deet doot wooooooo bleep boop boop beep deet doop deet deet*


Chewbacca on TwitterChewbacca

Location: Rome, Italy    Bio: hnnnhrrhhh

Sample Tweet: mmmwaahhhrrrrwwaaaaaa :: going to mall to buy a very very big can of shampoo

Bo on TwitterBo Obama

Location: Washington D.C.  Bio: Woof

Sample Tweet: would never run away! Besides, I’d miss having my very own Secret Service agent!

        stcookie           Location: Sesame Street      

Bio: Me the Cookie Monster! Awwwwn Nom nom nom

Sample tweet: Me Travel to Egypt to find cookies! http://twitpic.com/7y9rw

PeanutsSnoopy        Location USA    Web http://comics.com/peanuts

Bio I am an extroverted beagle who lives with Charlie Brown.I have many personalities and like to fly,dance,sleep,write and hang out with Woodstock

Sample Tweet: (on me not chasing sticks) .. Nope! I want people to have more to say about me after I’m gone than “He was a nice guy. He chased sticks!”

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