Does your brand own it’s online identity?

We have so many mediums of communication in our society. Some are regulated, others are not. The internet is a public entity where anyone can put what they please. Do you know where your brand stands with it’s online identity?  According to Weber Shandwick’s 2009 Risky Business Reputations Online report,”

  • 7 out of 10 executives fear their corporate reputations as risk online grows
  • 66% of global executives are either unaware or don’t want to admit their employees are badmouthing their companies online.
  • 34% of executives worldwide knew of employees who posted something negative online despite the ongoing prevalance of damaging digital chatter.
  • 98% of executives “use” the internet to evaluate company reputation, but less than 6 in 10 find it “useful” for evaluating business

What happens when customers complain or damage your brand online depends on how it is managed and whether or not there is a plan in place. Special thanks to Christopher Lower,  Owner and Director of Media And Communications for Sterling Cross who came up with the following ABC’s of online brand reputation management.

  • No reputation is bulletproof
  • Recovery is continuous with no shortcuts
  • Reputation recovery doesn’t have an end date
  • Each crisis and recovery have their own rythm
  • Second chances are rarely a form of luck
  • Don’t leave reputation up to a roll of the dice

According to KRC research regarding the recovery process of reputation management:

  • 91% of global executives believe their brand can recover
  • On average, recovery takes 3-5 years
  • Only 48% of companies are prepared for reputation damage

It boils down to three basics

  1. Have a process in place to manage online presence that includes working with reputation monitoring services
  2. Monitor internet chatter about your brand using tools like Google Alerts, consumer insights, Twitter, Technorati, Ezinger, etc
  3. Respond in a constructive, personal and timely manner. Have a crisis communications plan in advance

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