Recap Michael Lebowitz “Living in a Post-Advertising World” (Part 2 of 2)

 Bill Bernbach was someone an important figure in media history. He defined the television era by putting art directors and copywriters in the same room. That led to some really important and memorable ad campaigns.  He is quoted as saying

“Playing it safe can be the most dangerous thing in the world” -Bill Bernbach 

Too many companies are still “playing it safe” when it comes to advertising and social media. Lebowitz says that we need to switch from repetitive messages because we don’t have to do it anymore. People appreciate complexity and simplicity doesn’t engage people. Furthermore, these days you can’t put much value into a tagline. Brands have to take a perspective and build a strategy around that. Doing so will allow for catalytic connections between things because there are so many ways to reach people. Now the most important question: How do we engage them?

 Lebowitz has 4 steps of projects at Big Spaceship.

  1. Strategy
  2. Production
  3. Design
  4. Development

The way Liebowitz deals with this velocity of communications in the work place includes the following:

  • Think about how to adapt. Plan to adapt and ask good questions. The internet is a platform for some amazing entertainment so find the best way to break through that
  • Focus on culture. Acknowledge that everyone has a role. That will allow ways to creatively adapt to the newest ideas. Its okay to have fun in the workplace. Fun can lead to passion which begets quality. People should feel comfortable in their space so drawing on the fact that each person is creative is important
  • Build things, don’t outsource craft. It can be to slow and take too much time 
  • Stay flat, embrace chaos. Everyone contributes
  • Experiment constantly not just for clients
  • Don’t hire jerks no matter how talented they are. Work happens better when people trust eachother
  • Never waste a good crisis Now is the time, get excited and make things

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