Recap Michael Lebowitz “Living in a Post-Advertising World” (Part 1 of 2)

Over the past few months Tim Brunelle, adjunct faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and CEO of Hello Viking, has been hosting a series of speaking events Called Conversations About the Future of Advertising.” Tim most recently brought Michael Lebowitz, CEO and Founder of Big Spaceship, an innovation-led digital agency. Michael holds more Favorite Website Awards (FWA’s) than any other firm and was the first American agency inducted into the FWA’s Hall of Fame. Big Spaceship has worked with powerful brands such as Coca-Cola, Sony, HBO, Target, Nike, Adobe, OfficeMax and many, many more. This more than demonstrates his level of strategic thought leadership, creativity and production in the digital world.

I had an opportunity to watch this presentation and wanted to recap some of the key points I took away from the conversation. Lebowitz began  by discussing what we have heard before. “The old advertising agency model is broken.” He went on to share that television advertising is still effective, but is competing with every other thing on the internet which could dilute the power of brands. In the past advertising was about capturing attention but now brands are fighting to win the most limited resource we have. Our time.

The consumer is driving the revenue bus so companies need to find a way to provide a value to consumers. It must impact all of our conversations with the customer and make life easier for them.  Brands now need to earn attention and do so through respect. Lebowitz said; “If we want to get respect we have to stop hitting them with message to realize that ‘My life is always greater than your brand’ It isn’t about getting louder and louder.” Lebowitz said the questions we have used in the past need to change:

  1. Old question: How can we make you love our brand?
  2. New question: What do you care about and how can my brand make it better?

The second question provides a foundation for exchanging value so brands have to stand for something larger. It would give brands a point of view and demonstrate to the world they are more than a tagline. Lebowitz said: “A brand is more than a promise. In the digital world is the sum of its actions because it speaks to how brands interact with consumers. Have a defined point of view because otherwise we risk being irrelevant to everyone.”

Next post, Lebowitz’s solutions


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