Presenting “The Future of Advertising. WTF?” w David Armano

On Monday April 27th, I will attend an event hosted by the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association at The Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis. I will be listening to David Armano, a  Senior Partner at Dachis Corporation (named after co-founder of Razorfish, Jeff Dachis).

David was previously VP Experience Design at Critical Mass. He is an AdAge Top 25 blogger at Logic+Emotion. David’s presentation: “The Future of Advertising. WTF?” will draw from his experience working with major brands in the digital space, connecting and mashing up advertising as PR, enhancing service design and integrating product innovation. David was also a featured presenter at the SXSW Music and Interactive Conference and Festivals this past March in Texas.

  • Relevance of micro-interactions & macro word-of-mouth
  • The future of work from silos & assembly lines to networks
  • The effects these forces are having on the currently fuzzy and signals agency models
  • Thw power and value of utility and a good story no matter where it is delivered

I will be sure to post my key learnings from this event. Stay tuned and let me know if you have questions you would like me to ask!

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