What have you done, professionally?

How do you answer this question when it comes? I recall times it hit me unexpectedly and I didn’t have a comeback, so I would “wing it“.  Trying to explain double digit years working in a corporate environment for a fortune 500 company in 3 minutes or less is not easy. Trying to get that experience onto two pages is even more challenging. These things are so subjective and well intended people are going to have input on how it should be said or what could be done differently. The truth is there is no definitive way to do it that guarantees success. No such thing as one right way.

Recently a friend approached me and asked me to summarize my background and how it relates to his company. I have such a rich history of good experience on so many different levels. I broke it down into three sections

  1. What I did at the corporate level
  2. What I did at the field leadership level
  3. What I did at the franchise level

I am leveraging my blog as a tool in my job search. I want to demonstrate how I am applying my skills in the project management discipline to manage the way that I look for work. By breaking down the basics into these three levels, I was able to define the scope simplisticly. But, the bullets behind each one of those three things is another story. It was a good excercise for me because I know that projects have a higher level of success when we can use thoughtful reflection. When there are many people involved, that could come in the form of stepping back and asking; “Are we all thinking the same thing?”  The bigger questions are; “Is it possible to create a project that allows time to pull back and reflect so we can remain neutral?” and “What is the social and/or the financial return of project success?” Sometimes it will be one or the other, sometimes it will be both.

Please share below, how do you break down your professional story to identify your talents?


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