Painting My Professional Picture

I was discussing job transition with a friend the other day. She is also looking for employment and we were figuring out how to put a concrete picture into the minds of those with whom we are networking.

When I first began my journey for gainful employment, I had to sit back and think about where I shine. I am an analytical thinker, an amazing problem solving trait to have because it helps me ask good business questions. I have a high level of creativity and do really well at putting that creativity to action. I am also fascinated about how social media is changing the ways in which we communicate.

Througout my career, I have been carrying a hypothetical toolbox with me. With every project and role, I have acquired new tools to put in that box. I have a desire to continue acquiring new skills with each step. That is a concept that people can work with. It visualizes an abstract idea into something very real.

As we enjoyed our coffee, she mentioned Ty Pennington. Ty is the host of Extreme Home Makeover Edition. In my career, his role is a culmination of the work I have done.

Think for a minute about his role on the show. He is the guy who does the planning, presenting, consulting and organizing to get the job done within a specific period of time. As a project manager, he has to be a good communicator, mentor, motivator, trainer, marketer and project manager. He delegates duties, ensures everyone is on task, provides direction and holds them accountable. He celebrates milestones in ways that give everyone else the credit.

That is what a good leader does. We have to set our egos aside because when people around us shine, we look good and everyone wins.

Do you have an analogy that solidifies your work in the minds of others?  Please share it below!


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2 Responses to Painting My Professional Picture

  1. Amy Bowllan says:

    This is going to help so many people. LOVE IT!! Thanks for your innovation and insights. Post the link to FB so the world can see it. 😉

  2. kakieswrite says:

    Thank you Amy. Going through this process of telling our story in a way that is simple for people to translate is a powerful tool. I am so thrilled to have your feedback and hope it does make a difference.

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