A Note From Kakie

Thanks for stopping by. In case you were wondering, my name, “Kakie“, is pronounced like the color khaki. Writing is a creative outlet for me and I founded this blog as a tool to do something worthwhile. My goal is to take my passion for learning combined with some of the authenticity that is me, to create connections by sharing knowledge.

Kakie Fitzsimmons Leadership Executive Everyone has a story to tell and when we give, we get. Using our common experiences to collaborate can result in the power to heal, teach and connect.

As I work with dynamic people and organizations trying to figure out how to adapt to, and approach this new world, it thrills me each time we teach one another. So let’s get started and begin conversations about possibilities that help us be even better!

My professional journey has weaved in and out of Fortune 500 corporate environments, through roles that bestowed titles such as; Award Winning Entrepreneur, Author and Blogger. My skills have included that of a marketer, trainer, social media speaker and consultant, leadership development mentor, sales coach, PMI (Project Management Institute) certified project manager and a non traditional learner.

Imagine a world where we all become the great leaders we aspire to be. It can be done!

New doors are opening every day and I am optimistic about our future. It is my belief that successful people want to help each other and my desire is to have discussion about things that are meaningful to you. Please don’t keep me a secret, I would love to connect with others you think I should meet. Thank you for joining the conversation!

About KakieF
To learn more about Kakie Fitzsimmons, please select "A NOTE FROM KAKIE" tab at the top left of this page. Thanks for visiting my blog!

2 Responses to A Note From Kakie

  1. Tom Endersbe says:

    I am glad someone like you is keeping the leadership and personal growth conversation going. Keep it up Kakie

    • kakief says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for the support and recognition, it means a great deal coming from someone who influenced my own leadership. I believe both yourself and Doug Lennick would agree when I say that whether we are reflecting on our own journey figuring out the lessons, or trying to find direction, we are all navigators. Alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions with goals, values and beliefs is not a destination, but something we adjust to. 😉

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