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What is achievement really? How do we get it? Where does it come from? Is it an end goal? A process? Does it take work ethic? Does it mean success? Does it make someone “accomplished” ? Find out here: Projects, perspective, insight, success.

272 steps to forgivenessDecember of 2012 I published a successful academic paper called; “Best Buy Corporation Strategic Management Analysis” which I co-wrote with some exceptionally talented people in my cohort. During that time, the company was experiencing revolutionary change, juggling reputation management issues and more. The CEO had resigned, the company founder, Dick Schulze, had written a letter to the board with intention to buy the company back and run it. The competitive market was rapidly changing, they pulled out of markets in China and the UK and had brought in new CEO, Huber Joly.

Recently, our paper reached 29,000 views in less than two years and we are proud of that. It is an accomplishment and for me, professionally, it highlights the kind of work I am capable of. The in-depth research of this globally expanding company, evaluation of their internal environment and external market conditions was a great learning experience.

The recommendations we made? Best Buy actually implemented some of the strategies we recommended. I invite you to take an in-depth look and if there is anyone you think should see it, please pass it along. It has been an achievement, which leads to the topic of this post.

The first photo in this post is of “Batu Caves” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March of 2012, taken while traveling with my cohort for a global business systems course as part of the Executive MBA program at The University of St. Thomas. That was eight months before writing the Best Buy paper.

Batu Caves is considered it the most respected Hindu Shrine outside of India. 276 steps lead to a large temple cave at the very top and the belief is that each step taken, is a sin forgiven.

This week’s photo challenge: “show us a photo that says ‘achievement‘ to you: people meeting a long-worked-for goal. Something tangible you have created. A view from a journey you have completed, or the stating point of a journey yet made or a project you hope to finish.”

The reason I selected this photo is because achievement, for me, is different from success and is more than an accomplishment. Achievement doesn’t come easy for everyone, it is a learning process which takes effort and grit. Throughout that process of acquiring new knowledge, we must expect we will encounter roadblocks that will challenge us. As leaders, that means giving ourselves permission to learn, unlearn, re-think, innovate and survive.

Achievement is a drill that requires work ethic, optimism and backbone. We run through the practice and process of achievement again and again, ingesting new information, then applying more elbow grease towards the end goal. It builds character and involves conditioning ourselves into a thought process that says “I can do this, I believe in myself.”Best Buy Corporation Strategic Management Analysis Kakie Fitzsimmons 2 years, 29000 views

Achievement is taking an internal, personal vow to practice resilience, again, until it feels normal. And we do it because we know we will be better for the process. Our experience has given us the gift and wisdom of knowing that deferred gratification really works. And that achievement, lies in the process of getting there. It’s the climb.

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These pictures are from one of our first “free” nights in South East Asia, for the Global Business Systems Executive MBA Global Studies Course, Singaporecourse in the Executive MBA program. This evening four of us opted for dinner on the rooftop in Little India. I heard a calming sound of flapping water, came around the corner and this beautiful scenery, was what I encountered.

This week’s photo challenge asks that we show what “refraction” means to us. Refraction occurs when a ray of light is indirectly deflected by a wave of energy that passes from one medium to another, which causes the illumination to bend and become distorted. For example: water to light, air to glass etc.

I interpret “Refraction” as a metaphor for life.

For different reasons we head down paths in pursuit of something more. It could be a better life, happiness, knowledge, material things, family, respect, acceptance, relationships, recognition, inner peace, personal growth, etc. Regardless of the “why,” what is important is that we are driven to take action. While it is exciting to know we are on the way to discovering possibilities, life can and will present a series of unexpected patterns to emerge. Sometimes these schemes can cause people’s light to bend, resulting in feelings of discouragement. But that isn’t really a bad thing because we trust it is directing us towards something better. It’s part of a bigger plan that will be revealed when the time is right.

Executive MBA Global Systems Course - Singapore

Research has shown us that it is a natural process for people to resist change and as leaders, whether reservations are from us or those around us, it is our role to look at capabilities and value of this change, model new behavior and create repetitive messaging that points people in the proper direction because it is the right thing to do [1].

Bending light is beauty and most of the time we can see it instantaneously. The metaphor for refraction that occurs in our lives sometimes takes a little more time to be revealed, but when it shines, it is stunning because it radiates and people around us feel it. As leaders, sometimes people just need a simple reminder and validation that offers a little hope. Contentment and enlightenment await.

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[1]  Beer, M., and Nohria, N. (2000). Cracking the code of change. Harvard Business Review, 78(3): 133-141.

Quantum Creativity and the Power of Intention   Leave a comment

The window of intention

I’ve been thinking about intention lately. How often do we find ourselves slipping into “automatic thinking” ? What does our window of aspiration look like and how do we frame it?

Doing vs. Being | Acting vs. Reacting | Ideal vs. Real |

Intention leads to quantum creativity because for many people, creativity restores order. Some of the most important things that we do in life come from our creativity, which invokes possibilities of new beginnings.

The human condition causes individuals to make flawed assumptions that people do not change. But those of us have done deep self-exploration, know that we get to make a choice to be even better today than the day before.

I am not who I was five or ten years ago because of my curiosity and creativity. They have shown me the excitement to learn and grow that exists around each corner. The good news is that this world is full of random variables that can help us reach and exceed our potential every day, and we have the privilege of being able to share that with others.

Intention – Creativity – Restoration

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Nighttime Web – Not of the Interactive Kind   1 comment

As long as I can remember, I have loved the art of photography. Taking photos at night doesn’t come easy for many.  In this example, I think the complexity and structure of how a spiderweb is constructed is fascinating. Below is the original photo I took the other night on a tree in my back yard, using my Android. Someday I would love to get a professional digital camera, which has been added to my bucket list!.

I have been working with Photoshop Elements 10 for a couple of years now and thought it would be fun to take this version of The Weekly Photo Challenge Theme; “Nighttime” and see how I could transpose the same image to get different effects.

The only thing that will make it interactive is if you share comments, thoughts and questions below. Here are my results;

Nighttime web original photo

Nighttime web original photo – Android

Adjusted color variation to add one hue of green

Adjusted color variation to add one hue of green

Nighttime web converted to black and white

Nighttime web converted to black and white

Nighttime web black and white diffused glow

Nighttime web black and white diffused glow filter

Nighttime web black and white using the photocopy filter

Nighttime web black and white using the photocopy filter

View from another angle

View from another angle

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Through Eyes of “Endurance”   Leave a comment

The Meaning of Endurance

Embracing uncertainty knowing there is no “around, over or under.”

Having the audacity to do something unconventional, telling ourselves;

“I can, I will, I am, I believe, I trust it is time for something new and it is necessary. I will practice this until it feels normal.

Walking into the unknown with persistent fearlessness and a resilient spirit.

Forging ahead with integrity, courage, bravery, wholeheartedness and guts.

Past those who cast stones of judgement, unkind words and misunderstanding.

They will not define us.

For we know the only way out, is through, and that something better is in store.

Our self-assuredness will take us there,

because it always has.


This post was inspired by The Weekly Photo Challenge: “Endurance. Show us what endurance means to you.

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Brevity Pulls | Listening to the Silence   Leave a comment

Though they may not understand the depth and breadth of it,

Brevity Pulls | Listening to the Silence

in time, they will.

Spinning, living life, pushing forward , chaotic schedules.

Hurrying to get to the next thing with good intention.

Adjusting to the shifting line of balance.

All for the sake of love.

And because we love, we forget to be here now.

But in moments, they remind us to be

centered and fully present.

Exactly where we belong,

and where it counts the most.


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Interpreting “Humanity” in a Click   Leave a comment

As part of the weekly photo challenge, Thirdeyemom asks us to decipher the theme “humanityInterpreting "Humanity" in a Click. Can it be done? You tell me. | Kakie's Corner

So thinking about what it means to be human, poses more questions than answers.

The plural definition; “humanities” takes on more complexity.

Merriam-Webster defines humanities as;

…”the branches of learning (as philosophy, arts, or languages) that investigate human constructs and concerns as opposed to natural processes (as in physics or chemistry) and social relations (as in anthropology or economics)“[1]

This photograph taken at the National Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington DC is great metaphor for this week’s assignment. A young man’s image reflected in front of the wall etched with more than 58,286 names of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Vietnam war for the sake of freedom. My challenge to you is to look at this picture, ponder its meaning and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did we get here?
  • What makes us who we are today?
  • What was life like for those who went before us?
  • How did they live?
  • How did they die?
  • How did they want to be remembered?
  • In what ways can we translate these questions to look inward and ask how we can be of service to others?
  • What is our purpose and how can we make an impact?

It only takes one person to make a difference. So reflect, and ask yourself how you will make yours?

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